Sunnyhill Vineyard Products

We are a organic vineyard all our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Oxfordshire made red wine

Oxfordshire Red Wine

Made from Rondo grapes organically grown, hand picked and fermented in the skins of the grapes which gives it the beautiful red colour.
Oak barrel aged. Goes well with red meats or other meat dishes.
Very complex and smooth to drink with aromas of summer berries.
12 % alcohol.


Oxfordshire White Wine

Oxfordshire White Wine

Made with Phoenix and Orion grapes, Organically grown, hand picked slowly pressed.
Smooth to drink, soft and fruity with a natural fruit sweetness with aromas of nectarines.
12% alcohol


Oxfordshire sparkling white wine

Oxfordshire Sparkling Wine

Made from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay grapes, organically grown and hand picked.
Traditional method made.
Followed by a second fermentation in the bottle.
Pale Gold in colour, crisp and fresh, very easy to drink and refreshing.
Perfect for any occasion or celebration.
12 % alcohol. * COMING SOON *


Oxfordshire Sparkling Cider

Oxfordshire Sparkling Cider

Organically made from Oxfordshire apples, pale gold in colour, fermented in the bottle.
Traditional method.

Great for any occasion or celebration.

7.5% alcohol.


White grape juice

White Grape Juice

Organically made from hand picked white grapes, Pasteurized delicious and sweet to drink.
Full of antioxidants 100 % grape juice and nothing else.



Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Organically made from Oxfordshire apples, very strong perfect for salad dressings.
Has lots of health benefits.


Apple juice made in oxford

Apple Juice

Apple juice from organic Oxfordshire apples, hand picked, pressed and pasteurised.
Fresh and delicious.
100 % Apple juice